Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Mission Work Monday

Hi! James Martin here. Yesterday, I went with my dad to Habersham County to help fill buckets. What do I fill the buckets with? Food. It's to help the people in Haiti who had suffered because of the earthquake. With my dad's help, I put in a bucket black beans, rice, peanut butter, sugar, and cooking oil. (I don't see how rice and peanut butter go together exactly, but that's ok) After we filled it, it weighed 30 pounds! We took it out to the van and my dad visited with a sick member of our church. Then we drove over to the church where the buckets are dropped off. We counted all the buckets (including ours) and there was a whopping 174 buckets! I felt good for doing that. It shows that Christians on the homefront can serve and do missions too.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Friends from the Past

I so appreciate the fact that the kids enjoy the old TV shows Michael and I watched when were growing up.  One of my favorites was "Flipper."  I liked it not only because of the "star" of the show, but also because it was set in Florida.

As I type this, Virginia is in the living room now, curled up with Lottie, with "Flipper" on the DVD player. I wish they would put out more of the episodes; only Season 1 is available now. 

Do any of you remember "Gentle Ben" with Dennis Weaver and Clint Howard? Or how about this wonderful, but obscure title, "My World and Welcome to It"? This program starred William Windom and was based on characters created by James Thurber. I think it is due to come out, but I don't know exactly when.

What are some of your old favorite TV shows? Don't you miss these days of better tv?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Musical Week

This has been a good week to hear good music!  Thursday night, we went to the White County Historical Society's monthly meeting; there we heard the Yonah Brass Ensemble. They played some wonderful pieces, beginning with the Star Spangled Banner and ending with a rousing rendention of Dixie. (Beginning with one national anthem and ending with another).  Then, Friday evening, John Thomas was asked to participate in a recital at a Church in Sautee. We were able to hear not only beautiful piano music, but some violin players and voice students as well. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Best Snow Day Ever!

We have had such a great day today.  We woke up to a beautiful snowy day. We were expecting snow but not until later in the day.  Dad found out that all of his classes were canceled.  We were all able to do some things we wanted to do--I was able to clean off my desk and begin a new Bible study.  Virginia was able to "visit" with one of her on-line friends. James Martin sat and watched True Grit (one of his very favorite movies) and John Thomas read and worked on a few things for school. 
For supper we had delicious Stouffer's lasagna and salad.  For dessert, Dad made us a huge bowl of snow cream.
As if this wans't wonderful enough, we played their Richard Scarry game they had received for Christmas.  The children have always loved Richard Scarry, and I don't think they will ever outgrow these great little characters.  Daddy joined us and we had a blast with the game. 
Later, Virginia worked on her cross stitch while the boys and I had a Richard Scarry coloring party.  She had "Flipper" on in the background--the great show from the 60's. 
You can see why we think this was the "Best Snow Day Ever!"