Friday, January 27, 2012

Casablanca, Petros and Mrs. Smith's Blueberry Pie

What a great Friday night at the Justus house! This has been a good week, but a challenging week for our family--lots of busyness, but lot's of blessings as well.  Tonight, we really needed a quiet night at home together. Tomorrow will be full of activities for everyone.

After our Bibe study (I want to talk about that in another post), we had supper in the living room and we watched Casablanca. I think Dad is the only one of the family who had seen it all the way through. We loved it.  We had what Dad and Virginia call "Petros"--corn chips, chilli, cheese and sour cream.

We had a little intermission to prepare Mrs. Smith's delightful blueberry pie! Yay! It was wonderful.

I am so grateful for these times together.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Having a Few Friends Over

Friday night turned into a night of fellowhip for the Justus kids.  Virginia had planned to go skating with her friend Gideon; that didn't quite pan out as the rink had changed its hours (an unannounced change too, may I add). Virginia, Gideon and Gideon's mom went to McDonald's then came back to our house. We had a wonderful visit. Gideon's younger brother, Gray, was with them as well. Michael came home from the college with the boys, and JT and JM had a great time visiting with Gray. Then, Gray's dad came over on his way home from the College!

Eventually, Virginia went to Gideon's house with her parents for supper, and Gray stayed here with the boys for supper.  There's a pretty big age difference between Gray and the Justus boys, but that didn't stop them from having a great time. Before supper, they played games at the table; after supper, they played in the living room and watched some of their Hanna Barbera classic cartoons.

I enjoyed talking to Gideon and Gray's mom, Morgan. We share many of the same views about what our children should read and watch and so forth.  I am really grateful for their friendship and presence in our lives!