Thursday, May 6, 2010

The GHEA Conference

Every summer for the past five years, our family has loaded up in the MMHF (we call our van the "Mobile Mental Health Facility) and attended the Georgia Home Educators Association Conference.  There are always interesting speakers and lots and lots of book vendors.  Our favorite book sellers are Beacon Books, a Mennonite Company that sells the wonderful Rod and Staff homeschool materials. We also enjoy seeing our friends from A Beka, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Prussia. We are part of the A Beka SACS-accredited program, and I can't say enough about that program.  It is marvelous. Rod and Staff materials supplement our curriculum (and they have the most beautiful coloring books for Mom).

Anyway, this conference is one of the kids' favorite things to do each year. Pictured here with the boys is their friend, Ricky. I think that Ricky is out of school now, but he always comes to spend time with the Justus Brothers.  They play their Redemption card game and chess. I wish we had a picture of their trading card notebooks all spread out on the table. This year, they spent time with another friend named Clayton. I wish we had a picture of Clayton. He is a fine young gentlemen as well. 

Of course, this fine photo was taken by Ima Virginia, our resident camera and blog expert.  She enjoyed herself as well.  She enjoys tagging along with them, and they seem to not mind very much. : D