Friday, January 22, 2010

Speaking of Eleanor Estes . . .

Many years ago, I think when I was in third grade, I read this story in one of our reading book collections of stories.  I found it again a while back and bought it for Virginia.  We have just found a book of writing activities to go along with this beautiful story,  I can't wait to start it with her this week.

Well, we have finished another of the Moffat books by Eleanor Estes.  We have completed The Moffats, The Moffat Museum, and now, Rufus M.  We'll get to The Middle Moffat before too long.  These lovely stories are set in the New England town of Cranbury, and detail the everyday lives of the Moffat family.    World War I is in the background, and we learn of rationing, oleo, mailing cards to soldiers and the Armistice.  However, these stories are mainly about the joys of childhood--joys in everyday life. The chapters are longer than many chapter books written today and there are no deep meanings and lessons about life other than the love of family and the extraordinary fun in ordinary things!
We have read these books and others like them (Homer Price, for example) aloud for years now.  Please be encouraged to read to and with your children even after they are past the Dr. Seuss books!