Wednesday, April 4, 2012


In previous posts, I have written about reading choices.  This is such an important issue for any family, homeschooling or otherwise.  A recent series of books has captured the attention of the young people--unlike some of the other series, this one has been embraced by the homeschooling community. I have heard that the public schools in our community are requiring reading the book. Many of Virginia's homeschool friends have been caught up in the series, and she asked if she could buy it with some of her own money. I foolishly allowed her to get it without reading about the book or the book itself. One night she came in to tell me about the book. I was floored. The whole premise is violent and disturbing. I asked her if she would please give me the book. I promised to let her pick out something else at Barnes and Noble or something for her Kindle.  Since then, we seem to have been inundated by this book series. One of her new friends, another homeschooled young lady from a lovely family, had a birthday party with this book series as the theme. Unbelievable. I think there is a major part of Virginia that wants to read the books to be part of this group, and I understand that. Our decisions about their activities, tv and reading choices are not to make a statement or to make a big deal out of being "different."  But the Lord has placed us in earthly charge of their hearts and minds.

Virginia has decided that the Anne of Green Gables books are at the top of her list.  We went to a used book store last night and she found some Lucy Maud Montgomery's other series books and some other Avonlea story collections. The Anne books have their share of sadness and tragedy, but the stories are uplifiting.  I think that Lucy Maud Montgomery had a great deal of sadness in her life, but her heroines overcame life's trials and maintained a love for living. I am so pleased that Virginia has fallen in love with Anne--this literary figure is an inspiration and delight.

Life has harshness, tragedy, and sadness. The news is filled with terrible stories of violence and unspeakable worldliness presented as everyday behavior. I can't shield the children from all of that. Our 17 year old
went on two trips this past summer in which he spent time with people with very different upbringings and values.  But he has reached the age of knowing what is good and acceptable in the eyes of God and what is not.  I see that discernment  growing in Virginia. Both of her brothers have values we are grateful for and which honor God. Our task is to teach them the values in God's Holy Word and hope and pray that they turn to those values as their moral compass.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Some Lovely Additions to the Kitchen

I love my kitchen--good thing! After Christmas, Michael bought me the sink mats you see in the top picture. They are so pretty! In the middle picture, my $2.00 lace tier is featured. Yes, $2.00!!  JC Penney had these for $12, and I had a $10 off coupon.  The tier is hung on a tension rod, and I have played around with the height a bit.  Our cat Helen really likes them.  I snapped a picture of her sitting in the window Sunday morning.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Casablanca, Petros and Mrs. Smith's Blueberry Pie

What a great Friday night at the Justus house! This has been a good week, but a challenging week for our family--lots of busyness, but lot's of blessings as well.  Tonight, we really needed a quiet night at home together. Tomorrow will be full of activities for everyone.

After our Bibe study (I want to talk about that in another post), we had supper in the living room and we watched Casablanca. I think Dad is the only one of the family who had seen it all the way through. We loved it.  We had what Dad and Virginia call "Petros"--corn chips, chilli, cheese and sour cream.

We had a little intermission to prepare Mrs. Smith's delightful blueberry pie! Yay! It was wonderful.

I am so grateful for these times together.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Having a Few Friends Over

Friday night turned into a night of fellowhip for the Justus kids.  Virginia had planned to go skating with her friend Gideon; that didn't quite pan out as the rink had changed its hours (an unannounced change too, may I add). Virginia, Gideon and Gideon's mom went to McDonald's then came back to our house. We had a wonderful visit. Gideon's younger brother, Gray, was with them as well. Michael came home from the college with the boys, and JT and JM had a great time visiting with Gray. Then, Gray's dad came over on his way home from the College!

Eventually, Virginia went to Gideon's house with her parents for supper, and Gray stayed here with the boys for supper.  There's a pretty big age difference between Gray and the Justus boys, but that didn't stop them from having a great time. Before supper, they played games at the table; after supper, they played in the living room and watched some of their Hanna Barbera classic cartoons.

I enjoyed talking to Gideon and Gray's mom, Morgan. We share many of the same views about what our children should read and watch and so forth.  I am really grateful for their friendship and presence in our lives!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adventures in the Land of Mossflower!

Hi there! James Martin here! Mom and I are currently reading the book "Redwall" by Brian Jacques! I've been a fan of the series for 7 years and I got hooked to the series when I first started. I was blessed enough to even meet the author myself! I wanted to read this with Mom for a long time and we are finally doing it! We are currently on Chapter 11 and we are reading with the dramatized audio book. This is my fourth time reading it, and Mom is reading it for the first time. She says she is really enjoying the book. It is an incredible book. I highly recommend this to lovers of medieval literature, fantasy, and adventure books!  It's worth the read!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Old Friend Acquires Some New Friends

Years ago, Michael introduced me to James Herriot and the wonderful stories he penned.  Now the children have really fallen in love with the series as well. We have watched it and listened to the Audio books together some over the years, but now they are really caught up in the stories and characters. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Comment Issues

I am so glad to be back on this blog, and I appreciate the comments I received from Miss Lynda.  Sadly, I am having some kind of problem with posting my comments. Blogger won't allow me to sign in and post. I really don't understand given the fact that I can make new posts. Thanks for your support, Miss Lynda. I think the curriculum you mentioned is Sonlight. They really are wonderful with regard to reading.  You just can't go wrong with a reading-based program (as long as the material being read is edifying).