Friday, January 27, 2012

Casablanca, Petros and Mrs. Smith's Blueberry Pie

What a great Friday night at the Justus house! This has been a good week, but a challenging week for our family--lots of busyness, but lot's of blessings as well.  Tonight, we really needed a quiet night at home together. Tomorrow will be full of activities for everyone.

After our Bibe study (I want to talk about that in another post), we had supper in the living room and we watched Casablanca. I think Dad is the only one of the family who had seen it all the way through. We loved it.  We had what Dad and Virginia call "Petros"--corn chips, chilli, cheese and sour cream.

We had a little intermission to prepare Mrs. Smith's delightful blueberry pie! Yay! It was wonderful.

I am so grateful for these times together.


  1. I really wanted to like Casablanca more than I did. I love Ingrid Bergman. I like Humphrey Bogart too although I usually pick a Carey Grant or Jimmy Stewart film first. I guess I had just heard about it being this great wonderful movie all my life and when I finally caught it on TCM I was disappointed. It was the same with "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Oh well there are probably those out there that say they can't understand why so many people like Bringing up Baby and Arsenic and Old Lace because they are too "silly". I say why can't they make comedies like that today!!! :)

  2. We watched "Bedtime for Bonzo" and it was so good! I don't really understand why "Bre3akfast at Tiffany's" was so accalaimed (other than the great Mancini score). I like the historical context of "Casablanca" more than anything. The setting and the stars outshined the plot!

  3. By the way I totally agree about the Mancini score. It is the best part about the movie!